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Land for Business – Business for LandThe Economics of Land Degradation13.-14.06.2013 | Bonn Perspectives – a fresh look at sustainability

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Land for Business – Business for Land
The Economics of Land Degradation

Industry sectors that are a particular strain on land and soil are likely to face increasing regulatory and consumer pressures to reduce their impact. At the same time, actors in sustainable land management, acting as early movers, are set to become major business players in the future.

This expert forum will serve as catalyst for private sector involvement in the ELD Initiative. Corporate strategists, leaders in sustainability and other representatives of the business community will be asked to outline their needs within the context of further development of the ELD private sector work programme.

ELD is an initiative for a global study on the economic benefits of land use and land-based ecosystems.

For further information: eld-business-bonn-perspectives[at]giz.de

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